Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the files of the Black Baron: Casefile #100216 - North Jersey Rednecks Revisited

Some time ago I regaled you with the tale of my brief encounter with a strange animal, the North Jersey Redneck, it has recently come to my attention that this disease is spreading... And it's getting closer to home than I'm comfortable with.

One fine day I awoke, as was my usual habit by first opening my eyes, after a couple hours I realized this sad state of affairs was not going to change any time soon so I got myself out of bed and dressed appropriately for the day's tasks, unfortunately this did require the wearing of pants...

So, once coffee was made and computers booted up, I commenced with my day's usual drudgery... checking e-mail, looking through classified ads, sending out masses of copies of my résumé that will never be heard from again, and the like.

After some time at this I took a short break to toast a bagel, it was during the process of doing this that I chanced to look out the kitchen window and was greeted with a singular sight...

Now bear in mind that this photo was taken a couple days after the fact and several elements are not visible at this time.

Prior to the taking of this photo there had been a couple days of high winds which blew down a second flagpole next to that one which bore a colonial "Don't Tread On Me" flag and a POW/MIA banner.

Until recently, the American flag that was in place wasn't one of the standard ones, it was one with the image of a bald eagle superimposed over the stars & stripes, better suited for the interior of a country & western bar than on an exterior flagpole, in my opinion... and there was no second flagpole, that was also a recent addition as well.

I really have no issue with most of their choices of what to display... I just find it so interesting that someone still has the irrepressible urge to display a flag that would have so many negative connotations, especially when they have absolutely no ties to anything further south than Newark... I'm willing to bet that the black couple that lives upstairs and the mexicans down the hall are also understandably curious.

By my calculations, by this summer he'll most likely have a flag up there made from a three wolf moon t-shirt and when this happens I have every intention of setting his yard on fire... it should make for an interesting saturday night.

I have a proper British union jack here that I'm sorely tempted to hang out the window just to see what, if anything, may happen... But I'm weird like that.

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