Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Triplets of Belleville

I found this odd little movie about a year ago and, while not anything like a fan of bicycle racing, found it to be an entertaining picture.

It starts out with a young boy, named Champion, left in the care of his grandmother, an impressive woman in her own right, after the death of his parents.

While trying to find some way to cheer the boy up she gets him a little red tricycle that sets the stage for the rest of his life.

After employing what has to be one of the most interesting training regimens I've yet seen he gets into the Tour De France.

But during the course of the race he gets kidnapped, and then the real adventure begins...

This is only a short preview but I think you'll find it worth the time it takes to set up a Veoh account to watch it in it's entirety.

Update-3/21/08: Veoh has removed the video from their servers, the link will be updated once another copy is found.

Update-3/22/08: Youku now has the movie in two parts, links below.

Update-5/29/09: There are now more permanent links for the movie below.

Update-5/11/13: You know what, nevermind... every time I find a place to host the file the site gets taken down, so you're on your own finding the movie. Good luck.

Watch it now: The Triplets of Belleville
Or download the MP4 for later: The Triplets of Belleville

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