Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I've got nothing.

This is one of those days that I honestly and truly wish I were dead.


  1. Oh, my fine gentleman, please don't despair. I cannot know what befalls you, but you are a stalwart supporter of mine (even going so far as to kick mine arse when I need it) and I can only hope that the morrow brings hope back to your existence.

    Which is a fancy-talk way of saying 'that sucks, I hope tomorrow's better.' :D

  2. Unless I can somehow manage to find two month's back rent it's not going to get any better for quite some time.

    The only thing I have to look forward to is both of us here having to live in a minivan for quite some time to come.

  3. Marrock,

    ...a mininvan?....I used to dream of living in a minivan, we used to have to live in a crack in the pavement, 235 of us, huddled together for fear of being stepped upon...minivan?...LUXURY!!

    Yes Marrock, it is I, Stevegor, I have returned to cheer you up.....seeing I can't taunt you on the BoB site anymore.

    If I could help you know I would.

  4. I don't have much of a sense of humor left these days.

    The idea of being homeless has pretty much sucked everything positive out of my life, including the will to keep living it.

    I'm so damn tired.

  5. I mean no ill from my musings, Marrock and I don't envy your situation, I also know that "warm fuzzy" encourgements don't put food on the table or shelter over your head.
    But, don't you ever give up, mate....EVER.

  6. I pretty much already have.

    Let's face it, I'm a monumental screw-up.

    I can't find a job, or hang onto one if I do, I've never done right by anyone that I've claimed to care about, I have no skills, no prospects, and no future.

    Just a waste of space and oxygen, nothing more.

    And now I get to freeze to death this winter, seems rather fitting, in my opinion.

  7. You're not alone in the failure department, Herr Baron, just learn from your mistakes and if need be...change what you can.
    Surely you can find some help from Social Services for the three of you?

    Now no more of this doom and gloom or I'll have to come over and see you myself.

  8. Learn what, that I'm a colossal fuck up?

    I already know this, I'm reminded of the fact every time I look my gf in the face.

    We've tried every state and local agency we can find and we don't qualify for anything.

  9. Marrock,

    You have been a great help to me, especially during my 2 year recovery from a serious road accident. In my darkest moments the daily barbs on wicked sarcastic wit from "Herr Baron" helped more than you might realise. At times I was not in control of rational thought patterns, I nearly lost every thing I hold dear, then what happened?....The Baron would threaten to destroy mankind and give me a huge laugh, I just wanted to thank you for that.

    Please keep in touch, either by here or PM,