Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Flying Pigeon has landed in NYC

Some time ago I read a post in another blog about someone taking a tour of the Flying Pigeon factory.

The Flying Pigeon or Fei Ge is the ubiquitous bicycle you see in China, almost everyone seems to have one and they've been making the almost the same way since 1949, right down to the sprung seat and rod actuated brakes... Talk about a blast from the past.

Ever since I saw these posts I was smitten with the bicycles, but there was no easy way to get one since they were usually only available in China and getting one exported was abysmally expensive.

That is until recently when I discovered that The Flying Pigeon is now available from a distributor in New York City, and for a price that's low enough to be surprising.

They're made in three different styles, Men's with both single & double top tubes, and a curvy women's style, all steel frames, these bike also come standard with front & back rod actuated brakes, single speed gearing, 28 inch wheels, spring-loaded leather saddle, dynamo lighting system front & rear, full fenders front & rear, fully enclosed chain system, rear rack, a large bell, and reflectors front & rear.

All this starting at $350 plus $75 for worldwide shipping, less if you live in the US and less still if you live in the NY/NJ/PA area.

The price is for the standard black model but, as I hear it, for a bit more you have a choice of several different colors ranging from the basic black all the way up to metallic and hot pink.

So, if anyone is interested, the Baron would really like (and think well of anyone giving him) a Flying Pigeon with the double bar frame in green.

Because green is the sexiest color, after all.

Now if you or someone you know is looking for a commuter, an around town cruiser, likes riding old-school style, or just need something to ride to go with your tweed wardrobe, you now know where to go.

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