Sunday, December 16, 2007

There's no such thing as bad riding weather...

Spent a goodly part of yesterday making a grocery run in 24° weather with decent amounts of wind just a day after the first snowstorm of the season... At least we waited till the roads were plowed.

Drug her trike and my bike & trailer down the stairs and eventually headed out.

First surprising thing was the fact people were actually slowing down instead of blasting by and giving us more than enough space in the lane, I was amazed...

Hit the hardware store so she could get another pair of snowmobile gloves to replace the one she lost and so I could get my pair back.

After that it was the supermarket, spent a couple hours wandering about retail hell while filling up a shopping cart with luxury items like soup, meat, veggies, and other comestibles.

Next comes the inestimable amusement of loading up my trailer with every heavy item we got, which seems to be most of them, with the remainder going into the trike's baskets.

Now, my indispensable BoB Ibex is supposed to be rated for 70lbs. of weight but it seems that whenever we go shopping it winds up holding about twice that amount and I get the privilege of dragging it home.

The trip home was as surprisingly uneventful as the trip out, drivers actually acting civil... I was still amazed.

Not a single near-miss or honked horn and I didn't need to curse anyone out at all... Shocking, right?

I really need to remember to bring the camera with me on these jaunts just so folks can see how ridiculous the situation actually is.

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