Monday, February 4, 2008

Farewell Captain...

Sheldon Brown, maybe better known to some as Captain Bike, was taken from his friends and family sunday night.

I'd never met the man but that didn't seem to matter when it came to his dispensing of cycling wisdom to any and all that came to him seeking it, including myself.

Quite some time ago I'd e-mailed him what, upon reflection, were some incredibly stupid newbish questions that embarrassment and memory suppression allow me to forget, and his replies were always informative, congenial, and held absolutely no trace of malice or condescension.

Just from his writings it was easy to tell that he was a gentleman in the literal sense of the term, a scholar, not just of cycling but on many and varied subjects, a very good friend to those that were fortunate enough to call him such, and he will be missed.

I wish I could have known him...

Thanks to ChicoGino and Jimg for the AASHTA badge.

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