Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sleep is for the weak...

Once again I find myself sitting here in a silent apartment late at night unable to sleep, so I'm going to punish you for it since it's obviously not my fault and you just happened to be around.

Today was yet another pointless waste of time in a seemingly interminable existence except for the fact that I was able to plumb the mysteries of the indexed shifting system and finally get my bike-shaped object to shift into high gear and be able to get it into low without sending the chain into the rear wheel... that's sorta important.

Beyond that I managed to waste some beautiful riding weather, leave a few tire marks on the kitchen floor, and realize, once again, I desperately need a repair stand so I don't have to try to work on my bike one-handed while balancing it on one wheel so I can run it through the gears.

Skills like that could get me a decent job in just about any circus but I refuse to wear tights...

*fires off a few Nerf darts at the TV while thinking of something witty to say*

Ok... I got nothing... though I just realized that I'm a pretty good shot with this thing, I'll have to do some custom paint work on it though, the yellow isn't working for me.

Had one of these given to me a while ago, though the SO thought it a bad idea, I, on the other hand, have found it to be indispensable for attracting her attention when she gets too wrapped up in whatever it is she's doing on her computer for hours on end.

I don't even need to hit her, a near-miss is enough to do the job... and I'm sure she prefers that to the pistol crossbow I used to keep nearby for special occasions.

I think I'll go out tomorrow anyway, rain be damned, it's not as though I've never ridden in the rain before.

I don't have anywhere to go and I'm going to take my time getting there, but that's pretty much the point, no?

Let's see... I also had a rather deep philosophical discussion with Hymie this afternoon, he's the skull that sits over there by the TV... We spend a lot of time talking, he's a great listener.

Oh yeah, one more thing... in case anyone is interested, I still need a couple bike-related items from my old wishlist, like the backpack, the helmet, and a real frigging bike instead of this bloody damn bike-shaped object I inflicted upon myself.

This 'no money' thing really blows goats...

And one more one more thing... SECRET PIRATE SCARF! (Juno knows what I mean)

Ok my little chitterlings, time for me to go pick a few flowers off the wallpaper and find a nice soft rock to bang my head against, Hasta la zamboni.

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