Friday, March 14, 2008

Two-Wheeled Weirdness.

For some totally inexplicable reason I should be getting one of these soon...

All because of a few forum posts and an e-mail I sent to someone that must be fairly high up with the company since he's giving away about $1600 worth of merchandise.

It all started with a forum post on that turned out to be an unsolicited spam post by someone that was espousing the virtues of his Footbike and thought he was helping the company out a bit with some free advertising and instead garnered himself a modicum of abuse for his efforts.

After several pages of this enter Moses Aoki from Footbike USA, who explains what the original poster was up to and what his company was attempting as far as getting the word out about their products.

So after going back and forth a bit about the why and wherefores of forum etiquette and managing to keep his good humor about the whole thing, he offers first two and then four of the Footbikes to anyone that e-mails him with three reasons for wanting one.

So I sent in my reasons, which consisted of: I'd like to see if it can tow my BoB trailer, I thought it'd be useful for short local trips, and that it'd make a nice break from the norm once in a while.

After a few hours Moses posted that he would be contacting the ones that will be getting the scooters about delivery and all, so a few hours after that I had no messages and figured I wasn't on the list and posted such on Bikeforums.

About an hour and a half after that I checked my mail again and, lo and behold, there was a message asking if I was still interested in one, so I sent him my info and now I'm waiting to see if it gets here.

If it does, expect some pics and reviews to appear here.


  1. Marrock,

    We have a set of these that we're testing on BikeCommuters and MtnBikeRiders. They gave us the Off-Road and Road model. They're actually pretty fun.

  2. I was hoping for the Off-road model, but I can't complain seeing it's free and all.

    The gf and her kid are looking forward to trying it out, so it's not like it'll just be gathering dust or anything.

  3. Hey,
    pretty sweet,
    way to leverage the blog!

    I am eager to see the review!

    All I have ever gotten is some schlub from a cruiser bike company offering me $10 to post a review of their bikes. Without actually having me test one. Oh, and don't worry about what to write, they would write it for me. Asshats.

  4. Yeah, nothing like dealing with a reputable business, no?

    It's been a week now and I'm still waiting for it to show up.

  5. Well shit, what the hell are you doing replying to my comment, you should just go out and wait patiently by the mailbox.

    Uo-8 looks, well, uo-eight like. Have fun fixing it and good luck with the kick bike.

  6. According to a post Moses made on another blog, he'll let us all know monday or tuesday by e-mail when the Footbikes go out in the mail.

    As for the UO8, I know it's nothing special, but you have to admit getting an almost complete 30 year-old bike in that good a condition for free isn't a bad thing.