Monday, April 28, 2008

The Search For Truth... and Bike Info.

Lately I've been noticing a few folks finding this site while searching for information on various makes of bicycles.

Now while I don't mind people coming here and viewing this rambling mess I call a blog, I feel it's a disservice to those looking for information that's actually useful.

I've posted about my recent finds, a '78 Peugeot, a '76 Motobécane, '72 Raleigh, & a '70-something Ross, and the various mentions of these bikes have tricked folks into coming here from Google and other search engines.

Now if you're looking for information on these bicycles the best suggestion I can make is to go visit some of the sites I have linked to the right here, they have more and better information than I could ever hope to offer and it's available for free.

Cycles Peugeot and for anything Pug related,, which is, and I quote,

"a comprehensive database of vintage cycling knowledge for reference during everything from restorations to general maintenance to researching the cycling parts of the past."
and, of course, Sheldon Brown for absolutely anything bicycle related, Bike Forums, which is a great spot to ask and, eventually, get your questions answered, once you get past the snark, just be sure to try running a search on your question first, just in case... and other sites that I'll add as I find them myself.

I highly recommend that you visit these sites for any bicycle questions you may have.

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