Saturday, May 30, 2009

I love days like this...

Took the Old Man out for a spin today for the first time in way, way too long and realized a few things...

Foremost among them is the fact I'm criminally out of shape and am in incredible pain at the moment, but that's only a temporary thing.

Secondly, most folks are still idiots... now I know this is pretty much considered standard knowledge but every once in a while I like to be reminded of the fact lest I get complacent.

This reminder was brought forth as I passed a store in town called "Taste of Dawn", this is a store that's been around since 1976 and deals in herbal supplements, vitamins, organic foods, and various other, so-called, "hippie" goods, nice store, nice owner.

And as I passed this establishment I noticed the white Ford Excursion parked out front of the store... running... with only the dog in it and the A/C running full blast... while Miss "Single Occupancy Armored Personnel (Dog)Carrier" got herself some fresh wheat germ and bragged to the store owner how much she's doing for the environment by using reusable shopping bags at BJ's.

On the plus side, there's now a nice shiny new bike shop in Bloomingdale that I paid a visit to while out, The Get-a-way Cycle Center.

They're just starting out but they have a decent setup for sales and repairs, the owner and staff are really friendly and don't mind wasting time just shooting the breeze.

Also, they have no problem doing small things, like adjusting a saddle or swapping out a set of handlebar grips, or mounting a new accessory, for free, unlike the other shop in the area that will do the aforementioned for $10, $15, & $20, respectively.

I hope they do well there, the town needs a real bike shop.

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