Monday, October 15, 2007

It's officially official...

I'm unemployed again.

I finally got fed up enough to give up on a job I never really liked anyway but at least paid for my cigars.

After a particularly unpleasant friday I spent the weekend thinking over my options and decided I'd had more than enough once I realized that I was going to put someone through the plate glass window if I didn't get out of there.

So, while going to the shop to pick up money owed to me the owner started in on everything I did wrong on friday, Some of which actually managed to happen before I even got there that day, then when he was in mid-sentence I simply handed him back the key to the shop and left.

After a couple years of feeling taken advantage of and not being taken seriously I can honestly say I'm glad to be shut of the place and I'm sure he had an enjoyable afternoon of talking shit about me after I left.

The only bright spot of the entire experience was one of the guys I got to work with on occasion, Jesse, he of the razor-sharp wit and ability to take and dish out abuse at herculean levels, and the closest thing I have to a friend in this whole benighted town.

I think I'll just print up some business cards and start up a small repair concern of my own, maybe, maybe not...

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