Friday, October 19, 2007

Blog...? What blog?

Let's see now...

I was able to get a few miles in yesterday, hit the bank, library, and cop shop while tooling around.

For the past few weeks I'd been trying to find out what the police plan on doing with a few bikes they have in a pile out behind their emergency generator and yesterday I was finally able to discover that they're still considered evidence and wont be released for some time yet and then will most likely be auctioned off if anything at all is done with them.

This was a bit of a disappointment as I'm still trying to get a bike for the girlfriend's kid to replace the stolen one...

You'd think I'd be posting here more since I no longer have to waste time on a job and suchlike but I find that I have very little to say that anyone might want to hear so I'll just ramble on at random about different subjects just so I can eventually claim a high post count on a blog no one reads but me, sounds like fun, no?

There's really not much going on right now, the promise of a potential job dried up pretty much as I predicted it would, I'm still without a desktop comp though the laptop is holding up a lot better than I expected, not really surprising since it's a "hand-built" Dell, I'd be lost without the little beast.

I still haven't heard back from News12 but that's no real surprise, probably just listed it as another crank e-mail and blocked my address... I'll try again at some point in the future.

Oh... almost forgot, I'm still working on the t-shirt design, the text will still be as originally stated but I'm working out a background design that'll look decent, then I have to see how many might be interested in buying them, if I can't sell enough it wont really be feasible to get them made.

Now let's see how the day progresses...

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