Thursday, January 10, 2008

A brand new resumé...

Spent a couple hours today cobbling together something that's not entirely unlike a resumé and, as it turns out, I appear to be a really good liar.

Well, liar might be a bit harsh but it looks like I can give the truth one hell of a stretch without breaking it entirely, which should be a useful skill to have but I doubt I'll add it to this document I crafted today.

It was actually fun to take what, by their very nature, are very dull activities and make them seem almost interesting.

I think that when you can take something as deadly dull as hauling mailbags around to a dozen or so different post offices and make it sound like you're running a major distribution hub you have a marketable skill there.

Most of the places I usually go looking for work at can't even spell resumé much less use them, but who knows, maybe I can get lucky with this and actually find a real grown-up job.

Wish me luck...

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