Monday, April 20, 2009

From the files of the Black Baron: Casefile #090419 - Highway Hijinks

On a recent excursion for items varied and sundry, it was required that I make use of one of the several interstate highways in the area, a task I'm not entirely fond of on a good day... and it's been rather a long time since I had a good day.

It was during this particular excursion that I saw a sight that, once again, made me wish I had a camera small enough to keep with me at all times...

I came up on a family minivan appropriately loaded with various younglings and other animals some keep about their domiciles, which would explain the fact the driver was carrying a boxed item atop the roof of their vehicle, since it obviously wouldn't fit inside it with all the wildlife taking up room.

What made this cargo carrying note (and photo) worthy was the realization that this individual had what I believe was a new barbecue grill in it's box secured to the roof by only a few turns of plastic pallet wrap...

That's right genties and ladlemen, about a hundred pounds of grill were being held in place by a handful of layers of what amounts to slightly thicker than usual cling wrap, wrapped around the roof through the door openings, the doors then closed on the film, half of which was trailing in the breeze behind the van.

Needless to say, I didn't spend long behind that vehicle as I didn't feel like having a grill sit in my lap at a combined speed of about 95MPH.

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