Thursday, November 8, 2007

More of the same...

Ok... it's been a couple weeks since I last posted anything and that's mainly because nothing much has changed here.

I'm still unemployed despite looking all over town for something that might give me a check once in a while and it seems that this situation wont change soon.

Been looking into the whole cycling advocacy thing and it's definitely something I can spend a lot of time on as I feel it is rather important. I just wish I could offer more than my comments which seem woefully lacking when compared to those of others I've dealt with in the program.

Still trying to get them to put bike racks in at the A&P shopping center and next time I'm over in Wanaque I'll start in on the Stop & Shop for the same thing. It doesn't seem like much but not all of us can change the world all in one go.

I'm still not sure what I wanted to do with this blog and a lot of what I post sounds, to me, like so much pointless whining but I'll keep plugging away at it and maybe some day it'll actually be worth reading... time will tell.

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