Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Black Baron's Wish List

Because, as you all know, I am a greedy bastard after all... and I'm hoping some folks may feel generous even after I killed my part time gig.

First, the Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack to replace the freebie pack I have that's coming apart:

An Ortlieb Bike Box 2 in black, a lockable hard-shelled replacement to the tatty nylon trunk bag I use now:

A Kryptonite Evolution U-lock and another 7' Kryptoflex Cable to protect my ride and trailer:

Guardian Dual-function Safety Lights, the red and white would be most useful and one of the green ones because I like green:

A new bag, in black of course, for hauling stuff in the trailer, in my opinion this would be better suited than the DrySak that came with it:

A Large pair of these in black would also be greatly appreciated since no matter what I do with my hand position on the bars my fingers still go numb:

And, finally, a Specialized Instinct helmet in black to protect what few brains I have left:

It's just stuff to help make using my bike a bit safer & easier to use, and harder to steal, I don't really expect anyone to buy me all this stuff, I just felt like posting something other than complaints.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot tools, I'm woefully under equipped to work on my bike and need tools desperately... I mean, the other day I had to remove a pedal crank with a hammer and a large screwdriver and use a pair of channel locks to tighten my bottom bracket for crying out loud.


  1. You forgot to add "bling" to your tag list :)

  2. Nah, if it was "bling" I'd have listed the other shiny stuff that I want but don't need.

  3. I've gone the hammer way couple of times. Works... not the best thing to do in winter.